Twas on the Ninth o Joon

Blimey that came around quick. Cant believe a whole year has passed..........
That's me in the middle.
It was Lashing down when we started and was still raining at the end, but 4000 people still took to the streets of Newcastle to run all the way to Blaydon for a sandwich, a bottle of beer and a tee shirt! Such a shame for the spectators, who still turned out, that the weather which,as much as it didn't bother the runners, could have been kinder for them. My posse of one (father in law) turned out too. Now that was handy. It meant he could drop me off at Newcastle, near the start, and  then bomb it back to Blaydon. I arrived there about half an hour before the start. So not too long to hang about. Even though the weather was miserable, the atmosphere still had that carnival feel about it. It was the usual carry on at the start, where it seems that all the slower runners managed to line up in front of me. I spent the first mile trying to get passed people, before finding a bit of breathing space and a bit of speed. My target was to beat last years time which was really poor. 47:05 by my Garmin. By the time I was gannin alang the Scotswood road, the rain became a relief as I was getting warmer by now. Mile 2 and 3 my pace was 6:40 and 6:45 respectively. Bang on the 4th Mile, I got an encouraging shout from Vicki Thompson across the hairpin down by the riverside. I couldn't see her (must get window wipers for my specs) but after a mile or so I managed to catch up. We were getting near the finish, and I am always amazed at the amount of people who turn out to support us, especially when its as dreary as this. I feel like I need to give them something worth standing in the rain for, so I put a bit of effort into the last few hundred yards. I could hear vicki telling me to go for it, as I was being caught up. I managed to fend of one of the guys who was chasing me, only for him to pass me in the funnel to nab a place off me. I was in no fit state to argue and I did not give a doody anyway. I had achieved what I came here for. I broke my record.
No broon ale this year. Had to make do with Fosters. I also missed the nosh at the end.  I had to go find the posse of one or I was not going to get home. A great night.

2010 Blaydon Race Full Results                                                                   

PB set for Blaydon 43:08 Official
                                42:25 Garmin
Garmin data : Here

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