My 7th Sunderland Parkrun

A new PB for Sunderland. 21:58.
I went to Sunderland today with purpose.
I had to try to get a sub 22:00. After all I managed to achieve 21:42 at Middlesborough.
So "no slacking" was the mantra for today.
I did a bit of studying last night. Taking full advantage of the data my Garmin dumps on the net after each run.
Looking closely at Sunderland, I found the second mile to be unexplainably slow.
This is where I had to focus my efforts. Everyone has kind of found their sweet spot by this point and it is the second lap of the lake. So I think I must relax that bit too much at this part of the race.
There was no-one in front, that I was near enough to challenge and I was far enough ahead of the runner behind me for them not be a threat.
So I decided to have a burst of speed for the hell of it, and sustained it till I hit the hill at the end.
My thinking in the past was to keep some energy for the hill, but there is no point. You’re knackered when you get there anyway. You are always going to go up it slower than your normal pace.
Well it seemed to work for me. Well chuffed with the result.

Results : Here
Garmin data : Here

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