The 2010 Watergate 10k

I did not get off to a good start today. My garmin 405 went into freeze mode and I couldn't remember how to reset it.(Hold both buttons in for 30 sec). There, now if it happens again I can consult my blog.
That aside, me and my son had a great race. First we both ran the 2k, then I went on to do the 10k. The whole posse were there today, even though the weather was not at its best.
We had just started the 2k when it started to rain. The wee fella wasn't bothered at all. I think he was more concerned that the whole field had ran away and left us. Not put off by that, seeing as all the other runners bar 2, were club runners we boldly plodded on. From the back we passed 3 runners from Low Fell RC Under 11's. Picking them off one at a time. He was even able to put on a sprint at the end when encouraged by his supporters, finishing in a respectable time of 12:58. It turned out the wee fella was 5Th in his age category! So well done to him. 17th out of 20 overall. Race Number 56.
I started the 10k with Vicki Thompson (Graceless Whippet) tucked in behind me, without the aid of a watch. Which is quite strange as I don't think I have ever ran a race without one. So no juicy data to upload or for me to pore over when I get home. I will have to manually input the data. Also quite hard to gauge how well/bad you are doing, no pace to go off. I did find that the k markers were invaluable, even though I had ran this race before. It wasn't an easy one to remember with it being so varied. There are 2 hills to climb , where I thought there was only the one big one. I don't remember crossing the river twice last time. This time I had to get my feet wet on the second crossing. Mind, the weather conditions were very different. Maybe the stream was not so full. I ran in the woods mostly alone, just as well it is well marked out and has 22 Marshall's. Vicki moved up on me about the 7k marker after coming out the woods the second time. She was doing really well and keeping my pace faster than it should have been. We had to split to go over the bridge by the lake. I took the lead as we powered up the big hill for the last time. I pulled away for a bit but I could hear her getting close again towards the end. She shouted at me to push on as there was another runner alongside us. He was too quick and pulled ahead. I kept up my pace as the posse yelled shouts of encouragement. I just managed to keep in front of Vicki to the end. Another PB set.
It had rained part way round the race, but I did not really notice it. This is a hard race on the legs and on the chest. I look forward to doing it again.
Well done to Viki. She was placed first F35 again, same as last year.

Position 35/53
Time 48:39  PB for Watergate.
No Garmin Data due to watch malfunction.
Oh No! They have spelt my name wrong on the results sheet, and I'm in the wrong age group! I'm not that old.
Edit : Quick email to low Fell sorted out the mistake.
Watergate Trail Race 2010 Results                                                              

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog as well. It was a tough race this one, well done! I can imagine that it must've been strange running without the Garmin, I'm so used to having it that I would probably feel lost without it!