My 6th Newcastle Parkrun

New PB set for Newcastle 21:50

I can't believe I have beaten my PB here on a damp and windy day like today. The wind was blowing fiercely across the moor as it always is. They also changed the course, as the "Hoppings"have taken up residence on the Moor.
Now, I thought that was the reason for a quicker time, but no. The temp. course is actually longer than the original, according to Nyck (race co-ordinator) and my Garmin.
But I have a plan!
After studying previous data, I worked out that my pace at the start was too fast (06:40), and my pace fell away rapidly, after that. So I concluded I was starting way too fast. Rocket science, it is not.
So today I purposely started off gently. The first mile went by in 06:55, the second mile 07:25. Now that would be the 21kph head wind. The third mile, wow. 06:48. I'm not sure if this was the tail wind and/or the competition., as Ted Baty and John Harvey Marshall passed me at this point. I did regain a lead over them and thought I had nailed them. No chance. Once again they passed me, one either side.
I then heard the footfalls of Gina Howorth rapidly approach. I decided enough was enough and got the head down, encouraged by my father in law (the posse of one) I gave it my all. Sorry Gina I know you can but not today.
23/62 Finishers

Results : Here
Garmin data: Here

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