My 7th Newcastle Parkrun

New All Time 5k PB   21:28
In the words of Victor Meldrew, "I don't believe it".
Today thanks to Stephen Curry and Martyn Thorpe I managed to skim another 22 seconds off my Newcastle 5k and 14 seconds off my all time best 5k.
I started playing cat n mouse with MT in the first mile as we completed the mini loop which is new at the start because of the hopping's. I realised his running stance was very similar to mine, so he was not going to be a pushover. After the first Mile he was sat comfortably behind me. As we left the moor through the first gate, I became aware of SC on my right hand side. The cat and mouse chase began again. Him edging ahead me taking it back from about the 1.5 mile to the 2.5 mile. Now at this point I was aware that I had been running sub 7 min/mile from the start, and I really was struggling. My legs were fine but my chest felt like it would burst. Then both MT and SC were either side of me, half a mile to go. I could see the finish across the moor, through the cows. MT pulled ahead of me, as I contemplated my lungs bursting out of my ribcage. He surprised me by encouraging me to get on his shoulder, and telling me my PB was in sight. SC was right beside me now too, he was also full of encouragement, telling me to keep going as he passed. So I focused on the task ahead. It was only a half mile to go. I wasn't going to catch MT or SC but, I still managed to put in a last minute sprint to the line behind SC. MT managed a PB today too.(21:19) SC was 21:25 (PB 21:19)

Results : Here
Garmin Data : Here

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  1. Congrats on the PB again Stuart! It was nice to meet you as well. See you at the Pit Stop -- I just got my race number.