The 2010 Pier 2 Pier

The Results are in, and guess what? It's another PB.This was my first race this year (apart from the parkrun series) and if you have read the rest of this blog you will know that this is where it all started.
Back in 2008 I ran this in 54:14, curious to see if I could get to the end. Then, last year after missing the start I had a poor result. Garmin time was 54:51. (Official time was 56:53).
Today I managed to shave 8 seconds off my PB. There seems to be a discrepancy between official and Garmin times again.
I recorded a time of 54:06, but the score sheet says 54:09. Either way a new PB.
My father in law dropped me off at South Shields where I met Barry Jackson. He, like me was sporting last years prized waterproof jacket. I think we were the only ones. Never mind we packed them away in our bag's to send them to the finish line via the baggage van.
At the start line I spoke to Mike Gill from the Blackhill Bounders. He told me there was about 15 Bounders taking part today.
Then as the forecast predicted, a huge black cloud appeared as if by magic. It did look as if we were going to get a soaking on the start line, but that never happened.
So it was a dry, if not breezy start.
I love the start of this race. It usually ends up a five deep, mile wide start line!
And away we went. As usual I started a lot faster than expected and was carried along with the front runners. The first 4 miles were sub 8 min/mile. Ranging from 7:30 to 7:45 min/mile. Magic! then something strange happened. My times dropped to 8:30 Min/mile in the 5th mile.
I couldn't understand it. I'd ran out of puff. Then I realised that it was probably because of the 5k parkrun's. I have got used to the shorter distance. It was soul destroying being passed by so many people at this point. Never mind, lessons have been learned. In the last mile Vicki Thompson passed me with an encouraging shout which did help a bit but I'd had it by then. She disappeared into the distance as did another 2 runners. Then out nowhere a guy in a red shirt passed me doing about a 5min/mile pace. He surely didn't start the same place as me.
Never mind I staggered over the line with a smile knowing I had beat my best.
Witnessed as always by the posse (my family and in laws) for which I am eternally grateful for their support. A great day out.
Vicki Thompson finished 229 official time 54:06
Barry Jackson finished 269 official time 55:12
865 finishers. Down 115 on last year.

Garmin data:- Here
Pier 2 Pier 2010

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