My 1st Middlesborough Albert Parkrun

Wow! What a day. 21:42 Best 5k time ever. Also probably the best parkrun to date. Over 200 people ran this the 100th race at Middlesborough. Unbelievable. Pushed most of the way round by Sarah Rogers from New Marske Harriers. Thats her in the green on my left. Thanks for that, Sarah.
Using Age grading I have come across this table that shows what I should expect my times to be for different distances based on my very quick PB.
Age graded Distances

This is really worth travelling to, as the atmosphere is really good. Sat nav did a great job finding Albert park. I really dont think I will better this time, although I wont stop trying. I had the support of my father in law of course, who really enjoyed the day.
Position 41/217
Position 37 Male
Position 48 VM45-49
Position 351 Top 500

Garmin Data :- Here

Parkrun 100 Middlesbrough

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