The 2009 Watergate 10k

Pos :- 34 of 63 finishers
Time:- 50:37

This is the first time I have ran this race, and its only in its second year.
Today must have been the hottest day of the year.
Even with an early start the temp must have been in the lower 20’s C.
My son and his cousin also ran today in the junior race. This formed part if not the whole of my warm up session.
I bumped into Vicki (Graceless whippet) and had a bit crack, she had a chat with the posse whilst I made my way to the start with the kids.
This is the second time out for my son. He was up against some good competition in his age group. He still managed to bag a medal and proud of it too. His cousin also managed to get a medal but was also rewarded with 3rd prize in her age group, so scored for a £5 sports voucher.
As per usual in the 10k I started off way too quick. (6.47 min/mile) So I had to calm it down some and soon settled into a good rhythm, a more sensible 7.5 - 8 min/mile. Then about half way nature called and I had to stop for a pit stop. At which point Vicki passed me. I then had a target to go for (sorry Vicki) I caught up with her as we entered the wood, which was fantastically cool and a welcome break from the sun. I struggled with the terrain in there, and watched Vicki carefully picking through the trail of weed, root and other lumpy stuff in front of me. On leaving the woods we had to climb the large hill we had been up before, once again.
I had passed Vicki by this point thinking she would sail past me on the hill. To my surprise the gaining footfalls were not hers but some bloke giving it large. With the hill fast approaching, I decided get the head down and switch to auto pilot.
My rather small but effectively fast strides up the hill had him done for. His footfalls no more in my ear, I coasted in to the finish slightly disappointed that I had no one to challenge to the finish line for the posse to get their moneys worth.
Vicki came in First in her category F35. Well done to her.

See My Garmin Data:- Here

2009 Watergate 10k

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