The 2009 mizuno Blaydon Race

Another first for me.
The 2009 Mizuno Blaydon Race. This is the biggest field of runners I have run with. It was as expected very crowded at the start. Around 4000 runners descended on the Cloth market, outside Balmbras. There was quite a buzz in the air. Live music and can-can dancers and an air of nostalgia as the lord Mayor stood there in all his finery with the starting bell, down on Collingwood St. ready to set us on our way.
I managed to catch up with Frankie from work and his daughter Emma, just as we were ready for the off. Half of my posse was up the other end at Blaydon waiting to see me in.
At 19:17 we were off, a bit later than expected. Elbows and ankles flailing, dodging, ducking and swerving for a bit of space. There was a lot of support from people along the route.
All except the ones waiting to cross the road at the Arena, on they’re way to see Boyzone. Then before you know it we were on Scotswood road passing the first live band belting out the Blaydon races. Brilliant. As we headed over the Scotswood Bridge I kind of lost my bearings as we went down under and turned back on ourselves a few times. Apparently to make the race a tad longer. Lots of speculation about the distance these days. What with GPS watches and the like. My garmin puts it at something like 6.1 Miles, but I did start it half way up the Cloth Market to try and get the start time right. Whereas the actual start line was in Collingwood Street. As we headed into Blaydon, I was well aware by then that Superman had been trying to pass me. The crowd were egging him on “come on superman” they yelled. It was to no avail as I kept my head down and beat him across the line.
If I can beat Superman there’s still a chance for me yet.
Huge wedges of Black pudding, large Pickles, ham and peas pudding Sandwich, Bottle of Broon,
Race certificate and a fab running shirt to finish a great night at the races!

Oh! me lads, ye shud a' seen us gannin,
Passin' the folks upon the road just as they were stannin'.
Thor wis lots o' lads and lasses there, all wi' smiling faces
Gannin' alang the Scotswood Road to see the Blaydon Races.

I could'nt resist putting than in.

1343rd of 3426 Finishers
Time :- 48:16
Garmin Data:- Here

2009 Blaydon Race

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