The 2009 Druridge Bay 10k

Position :- 107 of 502 timed finishers
Time :- 50:15

This is the second time around for me.
Last year I completed it in 49:48.
This year was not so good @ 50:15.
Now I know its early days but, I am starting to find my times are sliding. I have noticed this even in training, although I have shifted my goals from speed to distance as the GNR approaches. So not all bad.
I still thoroughly enjoyed this race for a whole stack of reasons. The obvious being it is such a beautiful location. We had lovely weather, even if it was on the hot side and, I was in really good company. As well as the usual posse, we had a good friend of ours who was also running. She was running for charity and a few other personal reasons. She also brought her posse with her, which was nice.

I did not take up the offer this year for a pre-race massage, as last year I did, and the sand loves the sticky oil they rub on your legs.

The race went well for me but, as ever I forgot about the few rather long hills this race has. The beach this year was also a bit of a struggle for me as unlike last year the sand, although wet, was rippled instead of smooth. Ouch! The heat was indeed an issue. It was pushing about 20 deg C . with not much of a coastal breeze. It claimed one poor guy about 100 yards from the finish line. I had just finished and heading back to the posse when I saw him collapse. I dont think it was anything more serious than having a few too many the night afore, although he did require medical attention. So I hope all is well. Looking forward to next years already. Great Race meeting.
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2009 Druridge Bay 10k

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