6th Race. The 2008 Darlington 10k & Junior Run

What should have been a cracking day, turned out to be a bit of a washout. Rain Spoiled play.
Fortunately for the wee fella, it stayed dry for the fun run. He managed to run 1.5k in about 10 minutes. The mayor was there at the end to award him with his medal. Magic.
The 3k juniors was showery throughout.
So by the time it came to the 10k things were looking grim.
But, the sun shone and dried up the roads a bit just in time for the start.
I managed a pretty good time of 47:29 which surprised me as i did not think I was doing that well. As usual I was too quick off the mark (must stop doing that) completing the first mile in around 7 minutes.

By the time I got to the water station second time around I was buggered. I drank a few mouthful's then drenched myself with the rest. Only for that to be followed by a Mega downpour. The heavens opened and everyone got a right good soaking. Still it cooled us all down.
Bumped into Barry, Gary was out due to injury. Luke Aston was there but I did'nt see him.
Both did alright. Well they beat me.
We were all given a commemorative T-shirt. Could have done with a towel. Not complaining.

Time:- 47:29

Result:- 335 out of 958 finishers.

2008 Darling Ton 10k Road Race Results

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