5th Race. The 2008 Morpeth 10k

This was another mid-week Race, and to be honest I think this will be my last. I think it lacks the atmosphere of most Sunday races. It was mostly teams out on their training run's. I still want to enjoy any run that I do whether it be in training or in race format, but I think I will cherry pick the rated one's in the future.I did collect a rather nice mug for my efforts. which, by the way were actually quite good according to the stats. Aycliffe still remains to be my Personal best time of 46:46. But I did manage a 47:20 which is not too shabby on a hilly race like the Morpeth 10k. My times were probably good because the pace of the race was quite fast. It was 2 undulating laps, mostly uphill for about 3/4 of the lap then was downhill the last quarter. It was not off road as I thought, but a tarmac slapper.
I think its definitely a "did it wont do it again" kinda Race.
Oh, andI must say a big thanks to Caroline Duffy from Elswick Harriers, who races with an MP3 player in her lug. She managed to step into my path about 10 yards to go, causing me to near break my neck in a stumble, oblivious to her surroundings and the fact that I pipped her to the post. She remains named and shamed.
Dangerous game , running!

Time :- 47:20
Result :- 182nd of 313 Finishers.
2008 Morpeth 10k Road Race

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