The 2009 Sunderland Pier to Pier

Position :- 345/980 finishers
Garmin Time :- 54:51
Official Time :- 56:53

The 2009 Pier to Pier.
I will remember this one for quite a while. This is my second time running this race. The first time, I started on the start line like everybody else. This time, due to the laid-on transport being late, I started from the car park at South Shields. Not impressed with that at all. By the time I got to the start line the whole field had gone, ... offski,....vanished! Just a shimmer in the distance. I now know how Formula 1 drivers must feel when penalised and told to start at the back. So off I went - all my plans out the window - just went for it. I was soon passing the ones at the back of the pack, who must have wondered where I came from. Before I knew it I was 2 miles into the race and catching people content to run 8 - 8.5 min miles. Plodded on to the drinks station and made up about 15 places by not having a drink. Feel at this point I must have passed half the pack! The race had the usual dilemma of which track to follow for the best gain. I checked on the map and I don't think there is much in it.
Tide was quite far in at the finish line so there was a mad dash in the soft sand (not easy) and managed to be passed by John Davidson, who I passed a few times in the course of the race and I thought he had had it. Not the case apparently. (Although I did pass 635 runners). Still a great race and of course the Posse were all there (thank you for your support).
I will e-mail the organisers about the duff transport arrangements though, as I was at the bus stop around 09:50. The bus arrived at 10:15. So 5 of us missed the start. The rest of the crowd at the bus stop used there own cars.
See my Garmin Data here
2009 Pier to Pier

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