The Wallsend ‘RISING SUN’ MT Race 2009

Position :- 78th of 148 finishers
Time:- 37:33

This race was ran on firm traffic-free paths around a country park in Longbenton.
(Just behind the Asda)Billed as a 5 Mile trail, it was as expected. quite an undulating course. We were well warned at the start that underfoot conditions would rapidly deteriorate. Well that never happened. Unless they were talking about the mountain's of dog poo on the trail!
5 miles is a strange distance for me cant quite get my pace even.The race started on a very narrow pathway where you had to put up with the flying limbs of others.It was a 2 lap race which I dont really know if I like. There's the fact that you know whats coming in the second half of the race, or another way to see it, if that floats your boat,is why not just do laps of a track.
Never mind I enjoyed the day as always.This was my first race using my Garmin 405. Which quietly did what it does best, logging all my data as I ran.( see link to data)I had it set to the overview screen so only had to glance to see pace,time,distance etc.
I had the posse with me, minus my mother in law, who was busy packing for her holly jolly's. The weather was suitable for racing. Cool to start and sun coming out later. Nice play area for the bairn. So much so, I think he prefeered it to watching the race. The finish line was hidden away so the posse missed the finish, in which I did a mad sprint at the end to catch up with and pass 2 runners from Blyth RC. ( I'm No55 in the pic)

See my Garmin Data :- here.
2009 Wallsend Rising Sun MT

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