The 2008 Heaton Harriers Memorial Road Race

Heaton Harriers Memorial Road Race.

Position: - 182nd of 313 finishers.
Time: - 47:20

I know it will sound familiar by now, but this was a bit different from the normal (what’s normal). First of all my biggest fan club was not there. But the next biggest was there (my father in law). This is the first race where I recall running against the wind. Not that I personally did much of that, I was tucked in behind a big bloke who was more than capable of taking the force nine gale on the chin. Two laps of the town moor, slap bang in the middle of the Toon. Found it easier to make up places by going through the large muddy puddles (dead brave me) that most people seemed to be avoiding. Nothing much else to say about it.
2008 Heaton Harriers Memorial Road Races

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