The 2009 Absent Friends 5 Mile Trail Run

Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park

Position: - 52nd of 172 finishers.
Time: - 41:29

This was the Inaugural run in memory of Ann Johnson, who died last year. Ann was a member of the Billingham Marsh House Harriers. The race was great. Made even better by the adverse weather we have had recently. Think 5 Mile Mud bath! What great way to spend a Sunday morning.
This was a five mile trail race that really required proper trail shoes or spikes. Most of the time I was slipping and sliding all over. I found it difficult to keep track of where I was geographically. I was too busy keeping an eye on the trail to find the best route through the mud. Around the halfway mark the trail went through a ploughed field. Good quality deep mud in there. The posse were there with me of course. Unfortunately not much there for the wee fella to do, except cheer his auld da on.It must be the first time there has not been a play park in the vicinity of the race.They did have a duck pond and swans.
I think the inlaws enjoyed the atmosphere and they managed to find a vantage point atop a hill for veiwing.

May do this one again. Fab tech T-shirt to all finishers.
2009 Absent Friends Trail Race

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