The 2008 Gibside Fruit Bowl 7 (6.2)

Gibside Fruit bowl 7
Position: - 214th of 413 Finishers
Time: - 52:23

Now known as the Fruit bowl 6.2 as they shortened it from 7 Miles to 6.2 Miles after some of the track fell in the river. This race is advertised as not flat. It should say no flat. If you fancy fell running this would fit the bill. The hills in this race beggar belief. I must admit to walking up at least 2 of them. Vicki : Graceless whippet did warn me they would be tough. Now there's tough and there is downright mountainous. If ever there was a race that required substantial hill work training, this has got to be it. I will have a go again in 2009 if possible but, I will be sure to train this time. Still, I was very pleased with my effort. Vicki managed 50:23 which placed her 172nd.
2008 Gibside Fruit Bowl 6

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