The BUPA 30th Great North Run

So this is what it has all been about.
I began thinking about taking part in the Great North Run about 3 years ago. Last year I failed to run it due to injury. Today it happened after 3 years of training. Was it worth it? You better believe it.
I ran today In memory of my mum and big sister who both died of heart failure recently and I have managed to raise £780:00 for the British Heart Foundation. The crowds on the day were brill, spurring everyone on. Especially when they called out my name! I forgot that the heart foundation had my name printed on my heart runner shirt.
Right from the very start on the central motorway, all keyed up, the atmosphere was electric. Before I knew it we were off. I took 25 seconds to get to the start pads. I never even saw Ant & Dec. Whoosh we were away at breakneck speed. I normally do go off a bit too fast, but this being a half Marathon I really should have slowed down. I ran mile 1 @ 06:58. That's proper 5k pace for me. Mile 2 was even quicker, averaging 06:54 before slowing down to a respectable 08:09 for mile 3.
I missed the red arrows on the Tyne Bridge!  I was at Gateshead Stadium around 22mins as they flew past, following the railway line to Sunderland by the looks of it. Miles 4 and 5 saw us through Felling and Heworth.
I hit the 10k mark on Leam lane at 49:35. I still think this was too quick. I planned to be here around 55mins.
It was downhill from here, literally. An easy run to just over the 8 mile mark, until the dreaded John Reid road.
I went round the roundabout and noticed my lace was loose. I saw a water station nearby so decided to kill 2 birds with the one stone. Bad Idea. The birds were safe. As I bent to tie my lace I could not get back up! I looked on in horror as hundreds of runners flew past as I struggled to my feet. I hobbled over to the drinks station and downed a half litre of water. Another bad Idea. I think I was starting to lose the plot now.

I began the hard slog up the John Reid road. Miles 9 and 10, I averaged about 09:30 min/mile. As I hit the last hill on prince Edward rd I thought it was all over. Someone had swapped legs with me and never left the instructions! It was only as I dropped down to Marsden and got a big cheer from my posse that I felt I was going to manage the rest.( that's me waving to my wife in the picture) One mile to go! One measly mile. It was the longest mile I have ever ran in my 3 years of running. You hit a board that tells you 800Metres to go. Then, 2 miles later (feels like) another board with 400 Metres to go. I,m thinking only a lap of the track left and finally you see it. The finish line. I am sure every runner at this point gives the Marshall's a look of disbelief as they call "keep it moving, don't stop here".
Time 01:59:47.
Position :- 11555 of 39000ish
Will I do the Great North Run again?    Watch this space.

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