The 2009 Great North Run.

7 miles into a 10 mile training run, Bang ! My left knee gave up the ghost. I stopped running for a bit then tried again. I got about 100 yards then Bam! It went again.
That was the end of my training for the Great North Run. What a disaster.
I went to the hospital the following day, and they referred me to a knee specialist.
She said it may be down to over training. ( Well I did try 30 miles in one week).
If I wanted to do the GNR then I would have to be prepared to rest until race day, run easy on the day, walk some and down a load of Ibuprofen. Not quite the way I wanted to do it.
So I deferred the race till 2010. Not a happy bunny.

I did however manage to drag myself round for my son who did the mini Run. Now that was a good day!

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